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Melissa Baldwin

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Would you switch lives with someone you just met?

Sabrina Monroe, bride-to-be, and Addison Bloom, lost and looking for love, are on the run, wanting to escape to a new life. As the two strangers talk at an airport, a crazy idea unfolds--one which might provide the answers they've both been looking for.

Sabrina Monroe is poised and ready for her future as Mrs. Todd Edward Blakely. Everything seems perfect, but on the big day, suddenly she's not so sure. Her nicely mapped out life ahead of her, she finds herself in her own movie scene as the runaway bride, climbing out of the bathroom window. All she can think is escape.

Addison Bloom needs a life makeover. She's travelled the world to find love--and failed. On her way back from yet another friend's wedding, she's starts to feel ill at the mere thought of seeing another veil that's not hers. Should she go back to New Zealand and marry her former sweetheart, or stick it out looking for love in her new home?

While pondering if she should keep chasing fairy tales or create her own fate, Addison meets a fully made up bride, short of breath, at the airport. Sabrina. As Sabrina and Addison talk, both can see that friendships and new love could be on the horizon if they're prepared to switch lives and walk away from everything they know.

Is there such a thing as a One Way Ticket to a new life, or will they find they're running from themselves, not just the past?