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Melissa Baldwin

Kendall Whitaker always longed for a starring role in a movie full of action, adventure, love, and murder. She just never thought she would be living in one.

An aspiring actress, she left her normal life in Phoenix for the bright lights of Hollywood. Taking a job as the marketing assistant to a miserable boss at Blossom Studios, she believed this job would eventually open the door into the movie industry. When she finally gets her hands on an audition script, she refuses to let anything stand in her way. What she doesn’t expect is the return of her arch nemesis, the attention of the very dashing actor, Grayson Ellis and finding the body of the nosy receptionist.

Before she knows it, Kendall finds herself embroiled in the mysterious events that are happening at studio. With each unfortunate incident including the disappearance of her boss, Kendall is right in the middle of it all. Could the answer be hidden in the canceled movie, Off the Pacific, or has the answer been in front of her the entire time?

It’s obvious that someone has set out to destroy Blossom Studios and they will do whatever it takes to succeed. Kendall realizes that she must solve this mystery in order to prove her own innocence and possibly save her own life.



Madness and Murder Series Book 1